Festive evening

An evening around the open to beer: come and taste the produce of our craft brewers and enjoy a catering offer agreement with beers, all around a lively concert podium!


After you-have paid an entry fee of € 10, a glass Ecocup silkscreened 25cl Will Be Provided. Every brewer, for a sale price of free, you will discover his or her beer.


Dining options you can choose from varied offer with regional cooking, food trucks and specialties (available on and off the premises) offert by EXHIBITORS in local and regional cuisine: charcuterie, foie gras, snails, cheese and sweets.

Saturday 28 mars 2020


Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 6:30 p.m. to 1am

Concerts and events … They will set the mood!

Schedule coming soon

Prices and tickets

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Prices and tickets

  • Ticket: (limited)
    • 10 € (a silkscreened Ecocup 25cl offert en limited quantities available)
    • Free for children up to 12 years old and PMR
  • Open to all (minors must be accompagné by an adult)
  • Warning: the sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors!
  • Dirty glass only

Food court

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Dine on site

  • Food trucks outdoors
  • Stand flavors and food products inside (Hall G)


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Free car parking (1800 slots)

  • PMR reserved seats near boxes

Free shuttle bus

Nancy Convention Center Prouvé <> Exhibition Park

SHUTTLE GO NANCY Congress Center Prouvé => EXHIBITION:

  • Departures at 18h30 – 19h – 19h30 – 20h:
    • Square brackets traveler to the Republic of the Exhibition Center. The rise of the travelers will be under arrest network Stan Nancy Convention Center Prouvé – F docks directions Direct Without Any intermediate stops
    • Removal of travelers at the Exhibition The Descent of travelers will be done to stop network Stan St. Francis of Assisi served by Route 14 Towards Nancy Convention Center.


  • Departures at 22h – 23h – 0h – 01h:
    • Support for travelers at the Exhibition to the Republic Square Rising travelers will to Stan Case St. Francis of Assisi network served by the line 14 in the leadership of Nancy Congress Center Congress Center Proven Direct road Without Any intermediate stops
    • Removal of travelers to Republic Square, The Descent of travelers will be done to stop Stan network – Nancy Convention Center Prouvé – Dock F


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Hotel platform

We offer you the opportunity to book accommodation  at no charge  record for the nights of 26, 27, 28 and 29 March 2020 – dates and number of nights at your convenience on this interval.

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