Beer competition

Results of the 2020 beer competition

The judges were able to taste and evaluate, category by category, 512 of the 906 samples entered for the competition before the lockdown began.

As far as the situation allows, they will taste the rest of the categories during September and announce the winners on Saturday 3 October, at the end of the second day of the Salon du Brasseur.

The names of the winners from the first tasting session have already been released.

Congratulations to all those who took part – see you on March 2021 for the rest of the results!

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Brassinov Competition

Could you be the very first BRASSINOV® competition winner?

To promote the innovations exhibited at the 2020 Salon du Brasseur, the French Brewery Museum has launched BRASSINOV®, a competition to honour innovations and their contribution to the malting and brewing sector at any level, right through from raw materials to beer drinking.


BRASSINOV® is a free competition and all exhibitors are eligible to enter. A panel of expert judges will examine the entries and award prizes at the Salon du Brasseur inauguration.