Notice to all enthusiasts
25th edition of its National Beer Competition.

As part of the Salon du Brasseur, the French Brewery Museum organized the 25th edition of the beer competition.

Created 25 years ago, this competition is the oldest beer competition in France, which receives between 800 and 900 samples each year to taste.

The jury, made up of beer professionals and connoisseurs, all trained in tasting, has met in recent weeks to conduct tastings and deliberations.

Find the results of professional and amateur competitions.

And if you were the first winners of BRASSINOV®?

To promote the new exhibitors from Brewer Fair 2021 the French Museum of Brewing creates BRASSINOV® , the contest that rewards innovation to improve the malting and brewing industry: from raw materials to consumers of beer.

BRASSINOV ® , free competition is open to all exhibitors who must file a declaration of new products before 30 of September 2021. A jury of experts will analyze these issues and present the awards at the Salon du Brasseur opening 22 October 2021 in Nancy.